Small Bathroom Decor Ideas That Maximize Space

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas That Maximize SpaceSmall bathroom sinks are perfect in small spaces because there is no need for a large pedestal sink or vanity unit. Since the sink itself takes up the least amount of space possible, all you need to get is the extra space around it to create additional storage. Adding a small storage bench to the front of the vanity will give you more surface area, but also provides the slimming effect you are after by keeping items such as toiletries, makeup, shampoos and soaps out of sight. Toilets can take up quite a bit of room and make the most of a smaller space by finding a bench that hides the plumbing under it. Plumbing such as the hot water tap can easily be found hidden in a corner or behind doors that appear to be accessible from the front, making the toilet and sink a perfect match in small bathroom decor ideas.Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you have the luxury of extra space, a great choice of small bathroom decor ideas for a small space is to use vertical space baskets. Not only are they elegant looking and functional, but they are great at hiding clutter and having extra storage is very convenient. In the bathroom especially, a good storage idea for small space is a wall mounted, double hung or mirror framed storage basket. Using baskets with mirrors on them creates a very neat look that can also help to reflect light and create an illusion of more space.Bathroom Decor Ideas That Maximize Space

The easiest type of storage ideas to use in a small bathroom is the ones that require the least amount of space to hold items. A simple wire rack from the local big box store is perfect because it does not take up much floor space and doubles as a storage drawer. When it comes to small bathroom decor ideas that maximize space, the wire rack really scores big. For added storage you could use some plastic storage bins to store things that you rarely use. Plastic containers with lids are also ideal for this purpose.

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