How to Remove a Bathroom Sink – Keeping It Simple

How to Remove a Bathroom Sink - Keeping It SimpleIf you want to know how to remove a bathroom sink, then you probably realize that there are different ways of doing this. If you have a basin with the sink on it, which is mounted on a wall, then it is a fairly easy task, as all you need to do is unscrew the nuts holding the basin in place and remove the whole thing. If, however, the sink is on an in-the-wall cabinet and the nut is held on by a screw, then you will have to get a knife to effectively take out the nut – and remove the cabinet itself as well if you don’t want to replace the cabinet. Here we will look at three methods you can use to do just that!How to Remove a Bathroom Sink

To remove a sink stopper, first remove all the nuts holding the stopper to the wall. Then, using a screwdriver, pry the stopper off the wall and remove it. Once you have the stopper free, attach it to its separate bracket. It’s a good idea to mark the spot so that you can keep the new one straight, which we will do next.Bathroom sink removal

Now we must put everything back together. We will start by reinstalling the sideboard gasket that was cut to fit the underside of the sink and then reinstalling the pipe behind the sink stopper, securing it with plumber’s tape. Once you have these things put back together, drain the water from the tub or shower and turn on the faucet to see if the water comes out clean. If not, then it may mean that your sink stopper was not put back in the right place, or maybe it was completely removed – it’s hard to tell sometimes. Once you determine that it was removed correctly, then you know that you have learned how to remove a bathroom sink.

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